About Inverse Square Trio

The Inverse Square Trio was founded in 2013 with the mission of exploring the fascinating intersections of music and science. From the profound to the absurd, they offer a unique concert event featuring original compositions, performances of existent works old and new, demonstrations, and explanations. With a repertoire that includes works by Alvin Lucier, Steve Reich, Richard Feynman, and Monty Python, the Inverse Square Trio is an ambitious project that aims to entertain and educate audiences of all ages.

This website is a work in progress. It will be updated regularly with interactive features (such as this explanation of the inverse square law) and original content from the Inverse Square Trio. Stay tuned.

The Musicians

Bill's Profile Picture

BILL LOUDEN, of Lisbon, N.D., holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition, Physics, and Psychology from the University at Buffalo, SUNY. He studied piano performance with Beth Klingenstein of VCSU and composition with Jeff Stadelman, Jonathan Golove, Trevor Bjorklund, and Paolo Cavallone of UB. He has performed with and written for a variety of ensembles across the United States and Europe, including the Genkin Philharmonic, the UB Contemporary Ensemble, and Steaux. He currently lives and works in New York City, performing with Mad Science, Flight of Sound, the TFL Band, and Midnight in Motion.

Shelly's Profile Picture

SHELLY PURDY is a contemporary percussionist committed to performing, teaching, experimenting, and commissioning new works from both emerging and established composers. Ms. Purdy's passion for contemporary works has led to a vast array of opportunities including performances at Baltimore's Artscape Festival, The Megapolis Audio Festival, So Percussion's Summer Institute, IFCP at Mannes, June in Buffalo, Make Music New York, and The Center for Advanced Musical Studies at Chosen Vale.

Purdy received her B.A. in Percussion Performance at UMBC, where she was a recipient of the Linehan Artist Scholar Award, and her Masters from the University at Buffalo where she studied with Tom Kolor of the Talujon percussion quartet. Ms. Purdy is currently teaching at Carroll Community College and performing in the Baltimore area.

Kyle's Profile Picture

Manipulating the harmonic series by means of strings, violinist and guitarist CORTLAND MAHONEY bends sound to the will of the band.

As a violinist, Cortland performs as a solo artist and with friends’ projects. He currently appears with Pat Spadine’s Ashcan Orchestra, comprised of handbells, DIY synthesizers, and more. Jazz groups, chamber ensembles, and symphonic orchestras have also been his home.

As an ensemble leader, Cortland established and directed the Agave Democracy in progressive jazz rock, pushed boundaries of modern performance with Anachronos, and told stories with the Music of the Munes.

Cortland holds a B.A. in Music from Wichita State University and has received grants and awards for composition & performance, including the Beth Landis Award for Violin Performance, the Koch Cultural Trust Enabling Grant, the Bettylou Hubin Scholarship for Music Technology, and was the first place winner of the Anderson Concerto Competition.

Upcoming Events

The Inverse Square Trio is currently booking its Fall 2016 concert season. Check back for a full concert schedule.

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